Best Laptops under 300 Dollars – Toshiba Brand

When we go out to buy a new computer, we often know exactly what we want/need. If you haven’t yet written a criterion then it might be a good idea to do so sooner rather than later. Some people look for the best laptops under 300 bucks while some look for a specific brand like Toshiba. Some people actually want both of these things.

If you have ever owned a Toshiba product before then you’re already know the reputation this name holds. This company is well known to create budget laptops that hold impressive overall quality. While you won’t find incredibly powerful laptops within a 300 dollar budget, you will be able to find something for basic office work and web browsing. If you plan to watch lots of movies and listen to music then a cheap model machine will be sufficient too.

Below are just some examples of the top laptops.

Top Toshiba Laptops under $300

1) Toshiba CB35-A3120 Chromebook

The Toshiba CB35-A3120 looks very nice and is easily one of the best laptops under 300 dollars.Chromebooks are becoming highly popular and the demands amongst customers seem to be on the rise more than ever. Due to the low price, sleek slim design and speedy performance, Chromebooks have achieved a huge number of sales and they continue to do so.

Boasting a 13.3 inch screen size, the CB35-A3120 Chromebook is a superb quality machine that is available for a very reasonable price of approximately 240 bucks. The design is extremely eye-catching due to the sleek structure. Most existing customers who have used this machine before have huge words of praise with the performance being very impressive. The battery life is excellent while the audio quality is amazing too. The biggest advantage of the CB35-A3120 has to be the large screen size and this is what makes it one of the best laptops under a $300 budget.

2) Toshiba C55-B5100

The Toshiba C55-B5100 Laptop is one of our favorite Windows OS laptopsThe C55-B5100 is a full-sized machine that has a 15.6 inch screen. It must be said that for the price this will cost you, this machine is incredible. This is the same feeling amongst most past customers and reviewers who have praised the overall quality and performance of this machine.

It has a HD wide-screen display that would be perfect for watching movies and other videos. In terms of the power, the Celeron N2840 processor is used and this will be sufficient for people who just want to use this machine for work purposes or to run Microsoft office. At the end of the day, this machine won’t have enough power if you’re going to be editing photos and videos. If you want to do this then it would be best to go for a more expensive/powerful machine.

We would say that the C55-B5100 would be more than enough for most standard users due to its excellent overall quality. At the end of the day, it is a budget laptop isn’t it? In fact, it is considered as one of the top laptops under 300 bucks on various websites.

3) Toshiba C55D-B5308

The Toshiba C55D-B5308 Laptop is a relatively low cost Windows option that does the job well.When compared to the previous two models we have talked about, the Toshiba C55D-B5308 is slightly different. The main difference isn’t about the specs but rather the reaction of customers and critics towards it. This reaction has been quite mixed with many loving the low price with others criticizing customers and critics towards it. This reaction has been quite mixed with many loving the low price with others criticizing the highly basic system specifications.

However, this machine provides a terrific value for money and should be worth going for if you’re main form of use is going to be word processing and browsing the web.

The 3 machines above are some of the best laptops under 300 dollars so it wouldn’t be an issue if you went for any of them. For a person looking for an appealing design and aesthetics, the best choice would be the Chromebook. In comparison, the full-size laptops would be better suited for an individual looking for power over looks.

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