Chromebook Sales are Going through the Roof

Chromebooks are cheap and while they were only appealing to some people when they first came out, almost everyone else is warming up to the idea of buying these laptops. This claim comes from the fact that sales have been on the rise especially in the past year.

Google Chromebooks have become increasingly popular over the last few years due to their low price and stylish design.While the best thing about these laptops is their price, they also come with several other advantages. The speed of web browsing is key here with Google optimizing their devices perfectly for this purpose. These laptops also have a slim eye-catching design. If you have the chance of buying a relatively affordable laptop that looks really good, is fast and perfect for your needs then you will end up with a Chromebook.

Even though Chromebooks don’t fit the profile of businesses and the power they require in their laptops, there are lots of other groups of people that have helped to raise the sales of these devices. Schools in particular have started to opt for Chrombooks over the far costlier iPads that were so popular a few years ago. And who can blame them? If there is a chance of getting a quick laptop on a small budget when compared to an iPad, then this would be perfect to save some money and allocate the rest of the budget to something else.

The popularity of Chromebooks has only hit North America so far. Let’s see if Google can take full advantage of these devices by imposing their qualities throughout the rest of the world.

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